Присяжная и уполномоченная переводчица
русского и польского языков для
судов и нотариусов г. Берлина

Dear Mrs. Olga Kormann,

This e-mail finds you and your family well. I do hope that you remember me!! Just one year ago, you were so kind to accept my sudden request to meet you.

I talked to you about your profession, a medical interpreter. I am very glad to tell you that I completed my master thesis and graduated from the master course. Without your kind cooperation in telling me about your profession, I could not have completed my master thesis.

I would like to express my cordial thanks to you again.

The title in English is as follows: "Commitment to professional ethics and to successful communication by medical interpreters
--On the basis of interview results at Charite-Universitatmedizin Berlin--

Again, thank you so much for your having spent your time to meet me in May last year!! If you have anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Take care and have a happy life!

With my best regards,
Chisato Kitagawa